Blue Ring Octopus Flexfit Hat

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At just over the size of a golfball, don’t let this cephalopod’s small size fool you. Though beautiful, this creature is deadly, containing a neurotoxic venom for which no known antidote has been found. A single adult blue ring octopus has enough venom to kill roughly 26 adult men…Wow! At Born of Water, we love the ocean, and all of its inhabitants. We sought to bring together some of the most incredible marine life on the planet, and create unique and stylish apparel to represent these awesome creatures. But it’s not all about just the look. The Blue Ring Octopus Cap is made up of a supersoft dual blend of materials, and sports a Flexfit fitted back to fit any size!

  • 98% Cotton / 2% Spandex
  • 6-panel
  • Flexfit - fitted back
  • Mid Profile
  • Stitched eyelets

Sizes Available: S/M (6 3/4"-7 1/4") L/XL (7 1/8"-7 5/8")

This Born of Water Blue Ring Octopus Cap is designed with comfort and style in mind. Our Scuba Diving hat is durable for the scuba diving lifestyle. Here at Born of Water scuba diving apparel we stand behind our products and guarantee the quality of our Born of Water Blue Ring Octopus hat. If you ever have a problem with our clothing, give us call us.